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The sauna is a hot and humid room, lined with wood, which is heated to about 100°C by means of special electric or wood stoves in which volcanic stones are placed. The dry and hot air with a specific aroma has a restorative and strengthening effect on the body, provoking the release of toxins. The sauna is the ideal remedy against everyday stress and excess weight.


The Turkish bath is a spacious room for steaming with soft and subdued light. The floor and benches are heated, and its effect on the body is primarily relaxing and soothing to the nervous system. The Turkish bath effectively cleans and slows down skin aging, stimulates skin regeneration and metabolism by deeply warming muscles and joints. It is recommended for it to be avoided by people with cardiovascular diseases and inflammation of internal organs.


The effects of temperature changes in the body under the influence of cooler or warmer water, its chemical composition and the pressure of the lifting force lead to relaxation of the entire nervous system, increase blood circulation to tissues and accelerate lymph flow, which achieves faster removal of waste substances from the muscles and joints after exercise. They are mainly used for general fatigue, changeable moods, lack of appetite, tendency to recurrent infectious diseases, etc.



The steam bath is a warm room with a temperature of about 40-50°C and steam is injected into the room by means of a steam generator. Despite the high humidity, it is easy to breathe in the steam bath because the steam is not dry and does not burn the respiratory tract. Staying in it strengthens the immune system, relieves the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism, joint pain, muscle tension and improves metabolism. Pores are opened and cleaned, toxins are flushed out, and your body will feel rested. The steam bath is not suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and pregnant women.




This bath combines the beneficial effect of water jets aimed at the reflex zones of the whole body with the healthy effect of mineral-rich water. Its toning effect is guaranteed.

ВЪТРЕШЕН БАСЕЙН в хотел Здравец


The indoor mineral pool of Zdravets Hotel 4* SPA is semi-Olympic in size and 1.15 to 1.75 meters deep. It is part of the SPA center of the hotel and the water has a temperature of 30 to 32 degrees all year round. It comes directly from one of the springs in the Chepino district with an initial temperature of about 40 degrees, it does not contain clarifying substances and has extremely effective healing properties. It has a beneficial effect on the activity of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, relieves diseases of the respiratory system and regulates the metabolism.

ВЪТРЕШЕН БАСЕЙН в хотел Здравец
ВЪНШЕН БАСЕЙН хотел Здравец


The outdoor mineral pool is available to guests on warm days throughout the year and has a depth of 1.15 to 1.60 meters. In the town with the biggest number of sunny days throughout the year, you can bask in the sun around it, drink your favorite drink at the summer pool bar or simply refresh yourself in the mineral healing waters. The water has extremely effective healing properties, combining the effects of those from Hisarya, Banya and Narechen. Our mineral water is soft, does not have a high mineral concentration and is pleasant to the skin. Unlike some other hot springs, it does not have the characteristic smell of sulfur and is in a mode of continuous exchange.